People rely on clothes, on the packaging material! We &ldquo &rdquo to your world; bags; Xun li!
        Industry leader: learning how to Guangzhou tripod color company marketing, packaging bags.
        Acting Honor: in accordance with the tripod color company guidelines, to do the same in the fashion leader.
        Consumption results: to improve the market value of goods, to create first-class advertising packaging bags.

        Guangzhou tripod Color Printing Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, mainly engaged in leather bags, non-woven bags, plastic bags and other environmental protection packaging bags production.

        According to market changes and customer requirements to design and launch of new products, based on the original to further improve the design and development and customer experience.

        2008, the positive response to the state issued by the state “ prohibition of plastic ” and the beginning of the involvement of non-woven bags of design and production, tailored to customers tailored to their own brand bags, successfully create a unique and with the effect of advertising packaging products, won the market wide acclaim.

        A variety of different styles of products: punching bag, sling bag, hand bag, pure color, wave, printing, special purchases for the Spring Festival blessing bag etc. all can meet the requirements of the business.

        In 2010, we began to design and production to develop the environmental protection with rope kraft paper bag, the final market success in 2011. Because the world's mainstream packaging consciousness are concentrated in the paper bag, and the best environmental protection performance, the lowest cost of production, the best packaging experience has won wide acclaim.

        Our kraft paper bags the continuation of the non woven bag a variety of design styles: simple and pure, macarons wave point, the Eiffel Tower, Alice, girl, varied and interesting, has been the vast number of consumers recognized and recommended.

        Improve the market value of goods, to create first-class advertising package. We &ldquo &rdquo to your world; bags; Xun li!

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