Little green spell bag (green, the environmental protection, the spell to fight discount)


        Kraft paper bags made of minimum quantity is 1-30000 or so commonly, little green spell bag launching solves the problem of minimum quantity is much.
        Spell green, environmental protection, the spell is favorable, the "spell", welcome to "fight".
        The first wave of:
        Offer customized size 12 CM width 38.5 * 30 * side
        Material 140 grams of high-quality domestic yellow kraft paper, white kraft paper) cattle paperboard)
        Little green spell bag
        A more flexible
        Minimum quantity reduced by half, 5000 can be customized (finished product quantity 10% floating up and down)
        More affordable
        Printed word unit price 1.1 yuan, the version of 200 yuan
        Full printing unit price 1.2 yuan, the version of 500 yuan
        More quickly
        Before 20 month 1 - can place the order, shipment before the end of the month.
        Come and find you the exclusive agent of order!

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